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The Twitter app
that changes your future: Txiicha

Txiicha for Twitter


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The only Twitter app made for fun and peace

Official App vs Txiicha

 Official AppTxiicha
- Chronological order
- Saves scroll position
- Friend's Likes
- Highlights
- All quoted tweets
- All quoted images
- Follow Status
- Tweet Time
- Twitter Client Icons
Accident Prevention
- Like
- Retweet
- Tweet
- Realtime
- On Any Screen
Tweet Detail Screen
- Replies to the tweet
- Quoted tweets
- Select Size
- Receive and Sent Icon
Useful Features
- Sync in Background
- Show Scroll Position
- Compose new tweets from the TL
- Edit the dock
- Display Instagram Images
- LED Flash Notification
- Japanese Dialects
- Change Boot Screen
- Night Theme

* For information on features that can not be implemented due to restrictions by Twitter Inc., please see here:

Lite vs Pro

 Txiicha LiteTxiicha Pro
No Ads-
Pro FeaturesWait for Free
ExtensionsWait for Free
Share app for Free
Wait for Free
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Txiicha+ Members can use everything

Txiicha+ Member-Only ¥27.5 per day!

Terms and Conditions

By using this app, you agree to follow our Terms of Service and all other rules and policies.


Txiicha is now in early access!
Please help us test the app before the official release!

Requires Android: 4.1 and up



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What’s Txiicha all about?

A familiar layout that resembles the official app
Always displays tweets in chronological order
Saves scroll position even after restarting
No accidentally likes and retweets
Tweet while viewing the timeline
See user’s follow status from the timeline
Background data aquisition when notification is enabled
Display tweet time in minutes and seconds
Shows number of followers on the user list screens
Various notifications for retweets, likes, and more
High chance of early access users’ requests being taken in

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