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Rolling Jewels ¥0

Eat boxes and become faster!
If you take the cube continuously, combo occurs! You can aim for high score!

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A calculator that can easily calculate sales discounts and sales tax. Get 20% off of $10 by entering just “10 – 20%”. By changing the theme, let’s enjoy calculating!

¥960 / Ads ¥0
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Txiicha for Twitter: Best Chronological TL

Best Twitter app that changes your future: Txiicha
The only twitter app in the world that prioritizes everyone’s enjoyment and harmony. We strive for usability and comfort.

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Tweecha for Twitter: Presented in papers

Best Twitter App made in Japan. Best Chronological TL. An app shown in the NHK and Asahi Newspaper,

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Kawaii Pii-chan LINE Stickers

LINE stickers of Tweecha’s mascot, “Kawaii Pii-chan”. Besides being cute, it also features the Osaka dialect!

Funny Pi-chan ¥120
Osaka Ossan 2 ¥120
Osaka Ossan ¥120

はかるっちゃ ¥0


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さがすっちゃ ¥0


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じゃんけんちゃ ¥0


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おぼえるっちゃ ¥0


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