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Some additions Tweecha needs!  


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12/07/2018 11:24 pm  

Tweecha is by far my favorite twitter client but it lacks some crucial elements:

1. Send a tweet to someone through direct message - this can be done on Tweecha but it is in an efficient way. The official application lets the user click on a tweet & then share it through direct messages to someone, which takes a total of 2 to 3 steps. In order to do the same on Tweecha, the user must click on the tweet, then click share, then click copy link, then open direct messages, click on the person you are trying to send it to, then paste it & send. There are many steps.

2. Allow users to send pictures through DMs. I assume lots of users want & would like this feature

3. The "Tweets with Images" option on account profiles doesn't seem to work. It only lists the last few tweets with images they sent, & it is impossible to load older ones. Fixing this issue would be amazing

4. Gifs don't seem to work on Tweecha prime: it says "Size: Unspecified (Playable)". Fixing this would be amazing too!


Thanks & I love tweecha y'all,


sinYa IWASAKI (いわしん, スィン)
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18/07/2018 3:14 pm  

Hello, sorry for the delay.

1. 2. I'.ll consider for adding it.

3. Because we (our unofficial Twitter apps) can only get tweets for one week from the Twitter search server.

4. "Size: Unspecified (Playable)" text is clickable. please try it!


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