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problem to share with Txiicha  


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18/04/2018 9:13 pm  

1/  on my phone, when I'm on a website and I click on the "twitter" icon.

2/ Txiicha opens but displaying the Timeline.

if I reproduce the same steps with another twitter application, the twitter application opens on the Profile and I can click on the button "Following".

Another problem when I quote a tweet or when I answer a tweet, there are no profile suggestions or user suggestions. when I want to send this tweet to another user (add user). Example: After writing the first 3 letters, @jer...  there is no suggestion  It's a pity !!

sinYa IWASAKI (いわしん, スィン)
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20/04/2018 5:11 pm  

Hi fran27,

That seems Txiicha is not supported sharing profile URLs from another app.

If you have the URLs, can you send me that?

And another problem, I'll consider supporting it.


From next time, I'd be happy to post requests one by one.


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