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Problem with increasing the size of the buttons  


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07/04/2018 10:33 pm  

With the default settings , of the Frame/Buttons, i do not have a problem.

When I increase the size of the buttons, the last button (to display the menu) is then disabled or inoperative, when I click on it is always a "like"  that is done.  I wanted to enlarge this button because regularly with my big finger i press "nearby" and so I click on the tweet, and I cause the crash of the application (see my message (topic) previous about this problem on the forum)

[img] [/img]

Another problem, when the Twitter client icon is enabled and there is a larger size, the heart is over the client icon.

With this size or size superior : [img] [/img]

There is this problem and I can not display the menu .

sinYa IWASAKI (いわしん, スィン)
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11/04/2018 11:19 pm  

Hi fran27,

Thank you for your report. I have no idea for this problem that buttons scale enlarged on the phone. Let me know if you have a good idea.



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