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Tweecha 2 for Twitter
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Please tell us your impressions of Tweecha 2! We love you! Please tweet using #tweecha2 for your bug reports, reviews, and requests!

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Quick Countre ¥0

Tap numbers and letters in order, and become #1!
Quick Counter is a brain training game where you tap numbers and letters in order. Try it out!

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Rendamachine ¥0

Can you tap the fastest? Gain points and become the fastest tapper in the world!
Taking inspiration from a toy made here in Japan, sinProject presents it’s newest competitive arcade game, Rendamachine! Choose a game mode and tap the buttons as fast as you can within the time limit to get points! Try out different strategies and aim for the highest spot on the leaderboard! High scores are kept for 30 days. Keep playing to stay on top!

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Rolling Jewels ¥0

Eat boxes and become faster!
If you take the cube continuously, combo occurs! You can aim for high score!

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A calculator that can easily calculate sales discounts and sales tax. Get 20% off of $10 by entering just “10 – 20%”. By changing the theme, let’s enjoy calculating!

¥960 / Ads ¥0
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Txiicha for Twitter: Best Chronological TL

Best Twitter app that changes your future: Txiicha
The only twitter app in the world that prioritizes everyone’s enjoyment and harmony. We strive for usability and comfort.

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Tweecha for Twitter: Presented in papers

Best Twitter App made in Japan. Best Chronological TL. An app shown in the NHK and Asahi Newspaper,

Prime ¥599 Get it on Google Play
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Kawaii Pii-chan LINE Stickers

LINE stickers of Tweecha’s mascot, “Kawaii Pii-chan”. Besides being cute, it also features the Osaka dialect!

Funny Pi-chan ¥120
Osaka Ossan 2 ¥120
Osaka Ossan ¥120