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Tweecha 2 for Twitter
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The sequel to the ultra popular Tweecha Make Twitter fun!

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Please note that the operation of this app may not be stable as it is still under development.
We aim to add in everyone’s requested features and make a wonderful app.
We would be grateful if everyone could share their opinions, requests, and positive comments!

Tweecha2 is a Twitter client (Twitter app) filled with everyone’s requested features.

The timeline is always displayed in chronological order!
Your scroll position is kept even after quitting the app!

Retweets and likes can be done together with one button!
You can also check one-sided followers and one-sided follows!

You can download images and videos with one press!
You can search for similar images!

You can change the tab buttons to whichever screen you please!

Due to problems within the Flutter framework, there may be some issues regarding text input and cursor movement. We are currently working towards fixing this. For more details, refer to “Confirmed Bugs“.

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■Terms of Use

  • Content posted on Twitter may contain offensive material. You can mute, block, or report this using the buttons on the upper right of tweets.

About in-app purchases

  • Unofficial apps cannot support all Twitter features due to restrictions placed by Twitter Inc. Please check “Features” to see what you can and cannot do.
  • We do not guarantee any support and upgrades.
  • The app may suddenly become unusable due to changes in Twitter specifications, problems, OS version upgrades, etc.
  • When the Twitter user authentication limit for the application is reached, the current version upgrade for this application will be terminated and a major version upgrade will be performed. For major version upgrades, you may need to repurchase.


Why can’t I hide ads with a single purchase?

For us to continue constantly updating and releasing new features, we prefer appreciate having a subscription service. However, we are considering adding a one-time purchase as well.

Can I change the footer buttons? (Can I open the search screen / lists / my tweets from the footer button?)

Yes, long press the footer buttons to change their function.

To add items that don’t appear in the long press menu, try the following steps:

  1. Tap the icon at the top left of the screen to open the menu drawer.
  2. Open the Favorites screen.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Press the “Tweet” pin to turn it blue.
  5. Press and hold one of the bottom buttons.
  6. Select “Tweet”.

Can I make a footer button for refreshing?

By enabling “Refresh” from “Setting> Footer Buttons”, it will be possible to refresh using the existing lower buttons. There is no separate refresh button.

The screen is white. What should I do?

The app’s data may be corrupted.

For Android: Please open “Apps > Tweecha2 > Storage” from Settings and try clearing the storage.

For iOS: Try reinstalling the app.

Can I switch screens by swiping like in Tweecha1?

We are considering adding this feature. Please request if it if you would like it by tweeting with the hashtag o#Tweecha2.

Is there an explanation of settings and usage?

We are currently working on it. If you need help with anything, tweet with the hashtag #tweecha2.

■ Confirmed Bugs

App suddenly quits ・Device crashes

This may be a bug related to a specific model or OS version. It may also be related to the framework “Flutter”, used for development. We will continue to investigate. Please contact us according to the explanation at Reporting Bugs.

Images can not be downloaded.

This may be a bug related to a specific model or OS version. It may also be related to the framework “Flutter”, used for development. We will continue to investigate. Please contact us according to the explanation at Reporting Bugs.

Copy and pasting doesn’t work well.

This may be a Flutter bug, the framework used for development. You can paste if you insert a space or a line break. We are thinking of ways to fix it.

■ Reporting Bugs

To report bugs, please tweet according the the following.

  1. Write the hashtag #Tweecha2.
  2. Describe the events up to the occurrence of the bug.
  3. If you have a screenshot, attach it.
  4. Write system information (see below).
  5. Tweet.

System information is on the bottom of the menu drawer accessed by tapping the icon on the upper left. Press and hold to copy.

■ Feedback and Requests

Please send us your feedback and requests by tweeting with #Tweecha2. We check all tweets with this hashtag.

■ Features Unavailable on Unofficial Apps

  • Fetching more than 800 tweets
  • Like / Retweet notifications
  • Group DMs
  • Highlights
  • Polls
  • Moments
  • Pinned tweets
  • Set account to private / public
  • Accept follow request
  • Remove Twitter API rate limit

■ Features

T2: Tweecha2, T1: Tweecha1
* On mobile devices, scroll sideways to see

Hide ads
Chronological timeline
Displays tweet time on timeline
Displays scroll position
Keep last viewed position
closed with a swipe
Switch screens by swiping
Change footer button function
Change footer buttons number
Customize menu drawer
Color labels
Color label thickness setting
Tweets to self with specific background color
Your own tweets with specific background color
Retweets with specific background color
Set background color transparency
Display retweets quoted in conversation list
Like + Retweet
Change fonts
Change the like icon
Image search
Image DL with one tap
Display tweet character count
Easily view trends
Tweet screen @ button
Tweet screen # button
Search screen @ button
Search screen # button
Prioritize users whom you have replied to in user name completion
Prioritize hashtags you have used in hashtag completion
Translate on the timeline
Moving to the bottom by tapping the screen name
Display one-sided follows
Display one-sided followers
Display mutual followers
Simple help
1 tap settings
2-line name display
App icon display
Dividing line display switching
Hiding likes and RT count
Hiding TL action icons
Full like and RT count
Changing tweet button position
Changing floating button position
History management on each screen
Sleep mode
Refresh with footer buttons
Tweet confirmation settings
Follow confirmation settings
Like confirmation settings
Same UI on iOS and Android
Font size advanced settings
Profile image size settings
Line spacing settings
Muting users
Mute retweets
Muting text
Muting hashtags
Muting apps
Muting regular expressions
Accepting requests
Direct messages (30 days)
DM image display
DM image sending
Character count circle
Open users in other apps
Share users
Double tap to move to the top
Timeline display
Move to the top by title tap
Image display
Video playback
Display quote tweets
Conversation display
RT with comments
URL link
User link
Hash tag link
Image viewer
Posting tweets
Deleting tweets
Posting multiple images
Attach images to quote tweets
User screen
User tweet list
Dark theme
Report for spam
Follows and follower list
Following and unfollowing
Sharing tweets
List member list
Notifications (only at startup)
Notifications (background)
Tweet drafts
In-app browser
Profile body link
Multiple accounts
Read more
Unread displayunder consideration
Automatic refresh on opening app
Nearby tweetsunder consideration
Browser selectionunder consideration
Time retweetedunder consideration
Now Playingunder consideration
Twicca plug-insunder consideration
OtherWaiting for request
Recent highlightsOfficial only
Recent likes · RT notificationsOfficial only
group DMsOfficial only
QuestionnairesOfficial only
BookmarksOfficial only
MomentsOfficial only
Pinned tweetsOfficial only
Loading more than 800 tweetsOfficial only
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